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Our Philosophy

Our Goal: To create a unified, blended understanding of the reservoir in order to realize its maximum economic potential for the client.

Our Approach: We develop close interactions between different disciplines, data types, and concepts.

We play close attention to details and do not limit integration to a collection of software applications used sequentially.

Common Misconceptions about "Integration"

Company A: Specializes in one discipline or one technology and applies it everywhere. Calls it "reservoir characterization".

Company B: Specializes in one discipline, subcontracts the rest, and each discipline works separately from each other. Calls it "integrated study".

Company C: Specializes in different disciplines but uses only their own software. May have other businesses with the same client that are more important (oil field services, software) and therefore the reservoir study is not their first priority. Reservoir studies and other business may have conflicting goals.

Integration: Not just a Buzzword, a Process


Geology Geophysics Engineering Integration