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About iReservoir

iReservoir.com provides world-class consulting services in reservoir characterization and simulation to oil and gas companies using state-of-the-art geoscience and engineering technologies. Our 15 years of $45 million US Dollars of distinctive projects competencies and competitive advantage are embodied in the breadth of technical expertise and diverse experience we provide, specifically in the area of integrated reservoir characterization, geomodeling, management, and unconventional resources.

Oil and Gas asset management studies require an interdisciplinary, integrated approach to assess field development opportunities. iReservoir.com is unique in our ability to offer truly integrated reservoir characterization, engineering, and geomodeling from core and analog field work, calibrated seismic inversion, static geomodeling, upscaling, and reservoir simulation, on through to uncertainty analyses and operational recommendations. We have significant diverse experience with unconventional reservoirs including a newly developed ultrafast massively parallel GPU reservoir simulator (Echelon) that can model 25 million cell dual porosity unconventional reservoirs.

Our shop encompasses expertise in geology, petrophysics, geophysics, and reservoir engineering. Some of the types of analysis we have performed include:

  • Sedimentologic-stratigraphic consulting for both carbonates and clastics.
  • Petrophysics, including normalization, permeability-prediction, and facies prediction.
  • Seismic inversion for elastic properties, probabilistic analysis of inversion results in terms of rock properties, and generation of high-resolution velocity fields for reservoir-scale time-to-depth conversion.
  • Static reservoir model construction, with or without upscaling, using geostatistical methods which span the gamut from cell-based to object-oriented, incorporating facies indicator simulation if possible. Seismic data are routinely used to constrain the geological modeling.
  • Simulation ranging from small, conceptual models to full-field multiphase problems in naturally fractured reservoirs. Streamline simulation is also applied for specific multi-realization uncertainty comparisons. We also have expertise in conventional reservoir engineering techniques.

We have applied our domain expertise to develop various technical software for petrophysics/rock-physics forward modeling and seismic attribute evaluation. We have also developed a software product called "iProject" which is a Web-based reservoir characterization collaborative environment. This proprietary software adds efficiency and saves time in project establishment, collaboration, QC (of data and interim deliverables), and archiving. We have completed projects using this software with international clients to remotely assemble data and monitor reservoir-modeling progress.