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Stone Ridge Technology

Echelon is a new software product for large scale high performance reservoir simulation. It was developed from inception for fine-grained parallelism targeting GPUs. It is exceptionally fast, typically achieving between 10x to 50x faster runtimes than leading commercial simulators and has demonstrated scaling to very large systems with 100ís of millions of flow-sim cells, in some cases without upscaling.

Example from SPE 173246. Mukundakrishnan, K., Esler, K.., Dembeck, D., Natoli, V., Shumway, J. Zhang, Y., Gilman, J., Meng, H.: “Accelerating Tight Reservoir Workflows With GPUs” presented at the SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium, 23-25 February 2015, Houston, TX

Echelon example


Sterling Seismic Services


Sterling Seismic Services

StreamSim Technologies


StreamSim Technologies

Paradigm - Vision for Energy

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