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The iProject Internet-Based Collaboration Tool

The iProject is a web-based technical collaboration tool, developed by iReservoir.com, Inc., that enables travel-free project data assembly, project progress monitoring, and quality control among geographically dispersed offices. This software is used to assemble and monitor fully integrated 3D modeling-simulation projects. This allows us to capture and provide online project workflow documentation (and ultimately archiving) that is accessible by password to all stakeholders. The iProject windows work with many of the conventional file browser functionalities.

iProject Map

WEB-Based Benefits for Technical Collaboration:

  • Asset teams can share project data effortlessly with remote field offices, partners, and contract technical staff.
  • Provides the asset team with project information that is current, consistent and helps select the appropriate level of reservoir technology to manage the field.
  • Controls access to your proprietary data and still allows ease of use for collaborative team-based integrated technical studies.
  • Provides online quality-control tools to improve the construction of 3D Geo-models and reservoir simulation models used for cost-effective reservoir management decisions.
  • Provides a basis for technical-workflow management to create, collaborate, audit, and archive technical project studies on-line.
iProject Concept

This conceptual picture illustrates how professionals and management from companies and vendors at various locations can collaborate using the iProject data repository, which is customized for the workflow of the project.

With the iProject, your company can securely share their digital data with Asset Team staff at other company locations, vendors and partners. You can collaborate together during technical analysis and integration steps looking at the same data, and with the push of a button or two can immediately download modeling results onto local computers at any location in the world for analysis by in-house experts. The results of this approach are radically reduced cycle times, better integration and quality control of raw data and intermediate work results, and ultimately a higher quality earth model. Travel and personal costs associated with on-site presentations can be reduced or eliminated, with more of your experts’ time going toward good integration and technical analysis, and less time spent having meetings and shipping tapes, maps, and logs between stakeholder locations.

iReservoir builds integrated reservoir models for clients around the world, and we require tools to access quality controlled project data and provide documented results. We quickly saw that the Internet had the potential to vastly improve the ability of the company and its clients to share data. To capture that potential, iReservoir invented the iProject, which has succeeded in reducing project cycle time, improving communication, and ultimately improved the quality of the collaboration between us and our clients.

In addition to better collaboration and reduced project cycle time, at the conclusion of your project, the iProject contains a fully documented, chronological history of all of the project data, who it came from, at what stage in the project it was relevant, and what communication had taken place between project stakeholders about the data and the project.

The iProject was written up enthusiastically in the December, 2001 issue of Hart’s Oil and Gas - a copy of the article is available here. The program has the following features:

  • Secure - uses 128-bit SSL encryption

  • Transfers files across the web - uses project specific, dynamic data organization for collaborating with partners, remote offices and 3rd party service providers

  • Results in a Project Archive - records what was added when, and by whom

  • Attach notes and message threads to data files and directories

  • Email notification and reports on data adds and modifications to the data repository

  • Easy to Use - self installing, platform independent (requires only Java-enabled web browser)

  • Browsers for LAS, SEGY, plots, JPG and GIF images - no need for expensive client software to QC iProject data files.

If you feel that the iProject can help your company, its partners, and vendors to more effectively collaborate on projects, and value the concept of a fully documented project archive for capturing the data and workflow knowledge associated with your projects, please contact us to discuss, and we can arrange a demo of the iProject for you to see for yourself.

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